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YP Daily Roundup 3/1/21

YP Daily Roundup 3/1/21

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 1, 2021

YP – GOVERNOR REEVES: If My State Can Save For Emergencies Like COVID, So Can Others

The Biden administration and Congress are negotiating a federal coronavirus spending package, and while it has many worthy goals, one thing should be eliminated: bailing out state budgets.

If they pass the billions of dollars in bailout money for state governments, as a governor, I’d get the political benefit of spending that money. It’s never unpopular. The most politically expedient thing for me to do right now would be to keep my head down and my hand out.

I have serious concerns, however, about the attitude towards unlimited spending in Washington. I publicly expressed concerns about the previous round of state bailout funds. This time around, it seems even more gratuitous.

MSDH daily COVID reporting

U.S. House passes $1.9 trillion “COVID” relief package


Early Saturday morning, the Democrat controlled U.S. House voted 219-212 to approve the Biden-Pelosi $1.9 trillion COVID relief package many Republicans say is not for the pandemic but rather a liberal bill to move their policies forward using the virus as a backdrop. 

The three Mississippi Republican Congressmen opposed the measure while Democrat Bennie Thompson voted in favor.

MS Democrats push for Congressional Republicans to support Biden spending package

YP – A conversation with Mississippi Democratic Party chairman Tyree Irving

Tyree Irving, the chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party, visited with Y’all Politics on Friday to discuss a few hot topics in the news, including Congressman Bennie Thompson’s lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden’s COVID relief plan, and the recent news of an income tax phase out proposal in the Mississippi Legislature.

YP – Wicker Leads Push for Local Infrastructure

The Senate will soon begin debating a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill written and passed by House Democrats. Unlike the previous five COVID bills, which provided a total of $4 trillion in relief – much of it still unspent – and passed with almost unanimous support, this legislation strikes a much more partisan tone. The bill is packed with longstanding liberal priorities and seems to anticipate America being stuck in lockdown indefinitely. Republicans are taking a more targeted approach designed to encourage the improving economy without causing inflation. As part of this effort, I am proposing two bills that would support building roads, bridges, hospitals, and other needed infrastructure projects in local communities…

…Our economy is showing encouraging signs of life. More Americans are returning to work, and optimism is growing for a strong recovery. Moreover, approximately $1 trillion of COVID relief from 2020 legislation has yet to be spent. Congress should focus on aiding and not derailing this progress. I will continue pushing for targeted measures that will empower local communities to regain their full strength.

YP – MS Federation of Republican Women push for Fairness Act, Voter Integrity, Teacher Pay Raise

Keri Abernathy and Vivian Dailey with the Mississippi Federation of Republican Women joined Y’all Politics on Friday to talk about three policy measures their group is actively supporting in this 2021 legislative session.

WLOX – State Auditor Shad White on the health of Mississippi’s Public Employees’ Retirement System

State Auditor Shad White on the health of Mississippi's Public Employees' Retirement System

Mississippi’s PERS, or Public Employees’ Retirement System, operates well in some areas when compared to pensions in other states, but could be improved. That’s according to a report released by State Auditor Shad White who joins us to talk about his findings.

Watch the interview here.

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