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Jennifer Riley Collins on run for...

Jennifer Riley Collins on run for Attorney General: “A continuation of a lifetime of service”

By: Sarah Ulmer - May 29, 2019

Jennifer Riley Collins entered the race for Attorney General in 2019 as a Democrat with a history of public service.

Riley Collins was born in Meridian, Mississippi. She served in the military for 32 years, most of which was spent as an intelligence officer. Upon returning to the state, she went to law school and has been practicing law for over 20 years. She has mostly served as a civil rights attorney and is currently the Executive Director of the ACLU of Mississippi.

“My entire life has been about serving people and protecting people and this opportunity to run for Attorney General is just a continuation of that,” said Riley Collins.

She sees the major issues Mississippi’s Attorney General will be able to address include: Combating the opioid epidemic, safeguarding civil rights, fighting for working people, and supporting victims of crimes.

“The AG’s office can help to ensure that resources are available so that people who are suffering from substance abuse receive treatment instead of being tossed away in jail,” said Riley Collins.

She also said the office should hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for how they are prescribing these medicines to individuals.  She also feels an importance of “going to work on behalf of working citizens.” She believes that working individuals feel protected and secure in their employment

“Of course the last issue is protecting vulnerable Mississippians,” said Riley Collins. “When I say that I’m talking about our elderly, children, and veterans.”

Riley Collins said if elected she plans on holding those accountable for taking advantage of all of these types of individuals.

“When I came back to Mississippi after serving in the military I came with the intent to do the work for Mississippians,” said Riley Collins. “It’s what I’m called to do. It’s what I’ve always done. It is a continuation of a lifetime of service.

She hopes to use her tools and skills to help everyday Mississippians.

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Sarah Ulmer

Sarah is a Mississippi native, born and raised in Madison. She is a graduate of Mississippi State University, where she studied Communications, with an emphasis in Broadcasting and Journalism. Sarah’s experience spans multiple mediums, including extensive videography with both at home and overseas, broadcasting daily news, and hosting a live radio show. In 2017, Sarah became a member of the Capitol Press Corp in Mississippi and has faithfully covered the decisions being made by leaders on some of the most important issues facing our state.