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Clarksdale mayoral election shows...

Clarksdale mayoral election shows impact of social media

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 4, 2017

Clarksdale mayoral election shows impact of social media

Historically, millennials, especially the ones in college, are low turnout voters, said Luckett, but he said i’ts good to see young people taking an interest.

“But the young people ought to do what any other responsible citizen would do and that’s check the facts and not taking what’s thrown at them at face value,” he said.

Any politician will tell you directly that Millenials don’t vote, said Espy, “but at the end of the day through the partnerships that were made out there, Mr. Brown was instrumental in talking with (Millenial) groups” and this is the first campaign they’ve seen their numbers emerge.

To be effective in any race, you have to go after young adults because their vote is the most overlooked, Clayton said.

“The election was not won on the streets. The election was won on social media,” he said.

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