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Commissioner Frierson discusses options...

Commissioner Frierson discusses options to increase state revenue with #msleg

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 3, 2016

Alcohol, sports betting: Panel ponders what to tax, cut

Mississippi’s new tax man listed myriad ways the state could raise more money — from alcohol to use taxes — at the final hearing of a special panel of lawmakers searching for comprehensive tax reform.

“I don’t know exactly what your goal is or where you’re going,” said state Revenue Commissioner Herb Frierson, a former longtime lawmaker who took his new post in July. “I’m not on the policy side now … Some of this may be controversial, but I’m just laying it out there as options.”

Frierson also laid out some potential tax cuts that could help the average working stiffs — the 87 percent of taxpayers in Mississippi who make less than $100,000 a year. He said Mississippi has the sixth lowest corporate tax rate of those who levy such a tax.

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