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Hood, Hurst campaigns spar over poll

Hood, Hurst campaigns spar over poll

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 28, 2015

Hood, Hurst campaigns spar over poll

Jonathan Compretta, Hood campaign manager, issued a statement on the Mason-Dixon poll: “A Republican Party-commissioned poll by a firm that lost its credibility years ago still has Jim Hood the heavy favorite in this race. Our own internal poll shows a nearly 20-point gap between us and our opponent despite being outspent and bombarded with negative attacks. We take nothing for granted, however, and will continue to work hard through election day.”

Hurst campaign spokesman Brian Perry disputed this, saying, “If Hood’s campaign believed what they were saying, they wouldn’t be freaking out.”

“Hood’s campaign called Mason-Dixon a Republican poll, but everyone knows it’s an independent pollster,” Perry said in a statement. “Hood’s campaign said they have been outspent, but campaign finance reports show that isn’t true, either. Hood has taken nearly a million dollars from national Democrats. If Hood’s campaign isn’t going to tell the truth about the poll, or their campaign finances, I feel good being skeptical about their internal projections, too.”

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