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CRAWFORD uses YP’s analysis in...

CRAWFORD uses YP’s analysis in weekly column

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 16, 2015

BILL CRAWFORD: ‘Real’ conservatives unable to muster a serious candidate

As a result of Watson’s decision, Y’all Politics proclaimed, “For all of the campaign bluster in the McDaniel operation about sitting at the sharp end of 180,000 voters and how the Tea Party was going to topple the ‘establishment,’ the Tea Party in a statewide election year was unable to muster one single serious candidate for statewide office. Not one.”

Could it be that most in the Tea Party are satisfied with current leaders? After all, Republican statewide leaders are all pro-gun, pro-life, anti-tax, anti-spending, anti-regulation, free market, small government, anti-Obama constitutionalists. That matches up pretty good with the ultra-conservative Club for Growth mantra that McDaniel et al mimicked.

Intra-party politics aside, what other litmus tests should they have to pass?

Perhaps they should have to swear to the dubious “economic freedom” standards devised by a pro-conglomerate, Canadian, libertarian organization, the Fraser Institute (and advocated by an assistant professor at Mississippi State University).

Bless our hearts, we need another big money financed, out-of-state group to show us the way.


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