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YP – Clarion Ledger’s epic...

YP – Clarion Ledger’s epic editorial fail – lists paid Democrat advocate as ‘Reader’ in LTE

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 6, 2015

Today, a Clarion Ledger letter to the editor was published in its online area. The title of the article was Bryant’s jobs record less than rosy: Reader

Now, the average reader would look at that piece and think that just another average “reader” was fed up with Phil Bryant and wrote into their local editor to say their peace.

Except in this case, the “reader” is Ryan Brown.

In addition to serving as Rankin County Chairman, Ryan also serves as a member of Mississippi Democratic Party State Executive Committee, Treasurer of the Mississippi Democratic County Chairpersons Association, Treasurer of the Mississippi Democratic Party, Field Coordinator for the Mississippi Democratic Trust, and President of the Young Democrats of Mississippi.

Oh, and he blogs a little bit too. In fact, basically resubmitted a post he made a few days ago.

Again, the fact that Brown had something to say (even though he had already said it) and the fact that the CL wanted to run it are both all well and good. But someone at the CL either knew about Brown and intentionally didn’t put him in context for readers OR they didn’t know. Both are equally inexcusable.

Context is important, and the CL should endeavor to fix.

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