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Mayfield family may sue City of Madison...

Mayfield family may sue City of Madison police for trespassing

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 1, 2014

Mayfield family plans lawsuit, charges against Madison

Mark Mayfield’s family plans to sue or bring charges against the city of Madison, its police department or “anyone responsible” after Mayfield’s apparent suicide Friday.

Mayfield’s relatives, already angered over his arrest in May in the U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran photo scandal, say Madison police were trespassing when they showed up at his home in Ridgeland after he apparently shot himself. They say Mayfield’s arrest was politically motivated by supporters of Cochran and drove him to suicide.

“The funeral is (Tuesday), but the first of next week, we will be suing the city of Madison,” said Mayfield’s nephew, Ridgeland Alderman Wesley Hamlin. “It’s the highest degree of abuse of power.”

Hamlin and Mayfield’s brother-in-law, attorney John Reeves, said the family also is considering filing trespassing or other charges against Madison police officers who came to Mayfield’s home on Friday.

Madison police officials say three officers went to Mayfield’s home to confirm his identity after hearing of his possible death, checked in with Ridgeland police before they arrived, and were only there for about 10 minutes.


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