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The Cat’s out of the Bag

The Cat’s out of the Bag

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 28, 2013

Allegations of election fraud committed by incumbent Hattiesburg Mayor and former Democratic nominee for governor Johnny Dupree’s (D) reelection campaign led challenger and former City Councilman Dave Ware (I) to file a legal challenge to contest the election results.

Ware lost the June 4 election by 37 votes to Dupree.

Testimony has thus far included a number of disturbing examples of possible fraudulent liberal electioneering:

– Promising a prisoner assistance if he voted for Dupree.
– A ballot being cast by someone who wasn’t even in the state on election day.
– 375 of the 580 ballots appear to have at least one mandatory violation that may render them illegal.
– One precinct report showed 29 more ballots cast than voters signed in to the precinct register.
– At least one convicted felon appears to have voted.
– Possible improprieties by Dupree’s wife and absentee balloting.

A few fellows who know a little something about how Democrats operate came to Dupree’s defense to represent him in the case, among them trial lawyers Precious Martin and former state representative turned Democratic Trust director Brandon Jones.

Ware, though listed as an Independent, has drawn support from Republicans for obvious reasons. Of note on Ware’s team are Cory Wilson, former chief of staff for Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, and election guru Pete Perry.

Few can smell a rat in elections quite like Pete Perry. Believe me, I know. I had the opportunity to watch Perry work up close in 2011 when newcomer, now state Rep. Charles Busby (R) defeated none other than Brandon Jones in House District 111 by a similar margin as Dupree supposedly beat Ware.

Perry is methodical in his review of election results and knows election law better than most legal scholars, election commissioners, attorneys and judges.

Perry testified as an expert witness having reviewed the Hattiesburg election materials. Jones attempted to frustrate Perry while on the stand but as it turned out, Jones was the one becoming visibly irritated and with good reason – Pete Perry knows just where to look to shed light on Democrat campaign tactics and even liberals know it, which is why they chose to attack Perry personally rather than directly focus on his findings in cross examination.

No, Pete Perry’s not an attorney, as he said, but he sure can read.

If you’ve been around Mississippi politics for any length of time then you’ve heard the rumors of how Democrats play the game. The busing in of voters, taking absentee ballots to jails promising favors, poll workers skewing the books, paying people to go vote, and on we could go.

Thanks to the Hattiesburg mayoral election case the cat’s officially out of the bag and on the record. It is as clear as ever how liberals play politics in Mississippi and no matter how slick Martin, Jones or any other Democrat trial lawyer tries to be in Dupree’s defense, the public will see what many insiders have known for years.

What’s more, had Mississippi had Voter ID in place such liberal shenanigans wouldn’t have been so easily carried out. So don’t fool yourself folks – Democratic opposition to Voter ID isn’t about disenfranchisement; it’s about winning at all costs.

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