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Minor – Leader of ‘Modern...

Minor – Leader of ‘Modern GOP’ speaks against Kemper plant

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 15, 2013

Minor – Leader of ‘Modern GOP’ speaks against Kemper plant

You’d hardly expect to hear a diehard Reagan-era Mississippi Republican sharply criticizing a big utility company for building a costly, unneeded — and experimental — generating plant with endorsement from state GOP leadership.

Well, it has happened. Clarke Reed, of Greenville, pioneer of the state’s modern GOP, has spoken out against the controversial $4 billion lignite-fueled plant being built by Mississippi Power Company in Kemper County. MPC is the subsidiary of the Georgia-based Southern Company.

Reed, 84, both in an interview with Bigger Pie Forum the conservative economic advocacy group, as well as this writer, has broadly implied that not only former Gov. Haley Barbour but the state’s current elected Republican leadership were “duped” by the utility monopoly into throwing their support behind the Kemper plant.

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