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MSTP – Even Dems Admit: Obama...

MSTP – Even Dems Admit: Obama Blew it Last Night

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 10, 2012

Even Dems Admit: Obama Blew it Last Night

We’ve heard it all before. Nothing new. Nothing about entitlement reform. Nothing credible about how to reduce the national debt and balance the budget. Nothing on restoring tea party principles of free markets, fiscal responsibility and limited constitutional government.

Same old lofty rhetoric as four years ago. The guy promised everything to everybody, with no specifics on how the heck he’d pay for it except to raise your taxes.

And, there was the usual amount of mocking and talking down to the tea party,
conservatives and Romney. The guy is plain mean spirited and has an extreme liberal mind set. Obama’s policies are not working.

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