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Clarion Ledger – Thompson’s...

Clarion Ledger – Thompson’s fundraising eclipses challengers

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 18, 2012

Thompson’s fundraising eclipses challengers

Rep. Bennie Thompson, the lone Democrat in Mississippi’s congressional delegation, has a campaign warchest more than 200 times larger than his nearest competitor.

He has raised $1.2 million in campaign cash.

Republican Bill Marcy of Vicksburg has $5,800, while Cobby Williams of Canton, an independent, has less than $2,200, according to reports recently filed with the Federal Election Commission. Lajena Williams, a Reform Party candidate, has not reported raising any money.

“We’re not into the campaign to raise a lot of money. Our campaign is primarily a grass-roots effort,’’ Marcy said. “Thompson has spent $1 million plus so far. He’s worried. We’ve spent a whole lot less and we’re not worried at all. He has very good reasons to worry.’’

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