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Cory Wilson – Desperate times,...

Cory Wilson – Desperate times, desperate measures

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 21, 2011

Desperate times, desperate measures

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Out of ideas to justify holding power, Democrats have turned to well-worn tactics of scaring voters, distorting issues, and attacking Republicans with ridiculous diversions to attempt to turn the tide running against them. With change coming at them full force, Democrats are desperately trying to change the subject.

The race for Governor has remained polite. That is largely because the race is over. Democrat Johnny DuPree has not dented Phil Bryant’s lead, so there is no reason to dust up.

Instead, the usual Democratic tricks are going on as discreetly as possible. Take the “Mississippi Kids” Political Action Committee-newly formed by Democrat House leaders Cecil Brown (though only his wife is listed as the treasurer) and Johnny Stringer. Ostensibly, “Mississippi Kids” was formed (in mid-October, coincidentally avoiding most campaign finance disclosures) “to give support to candidates who support public education and the children of Mississippi,” according to the Brookhaven Daily Leader. “Mississippi Kids” immediately sent out distorted attack pieces against Republicans, including Brookhaven’s Becky Currie.

The notion that the only way to “support children” is to espouse liberal dogma on ever-increasing education spending is tiresome. Invoking “Mississippi Kids” to fund anonymous attacks on conservatives is offensive.

But it is standard liberal fare. And, it stands in the way of real progress on issues that most Mississippians (including conservative kids, Cecil) consider to be important, like improving education attainment and accountability in tough budget times.

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