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Not much hope for Dems in Mississippi

Not much hope for Dems in Mississippi

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 1, 2011

Not much hope for Dems in Mississippi

The race to replace Haley Barbour as Governor of Mississippi this fall doesn’t appear to have much potential for competitiveness. The presumptive Republican nominee, Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant, has leads of 26-31 points over his two most likely Democratic opponents.

The one reason to think the dynamic of the race could potentially change between now and the fall is that none of the candidates, even Bryant himself, is terribly well known. He is the only candidate with greater than 50% name recognition and the only one with positive favorability numbers, at 32/27. Democratic Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree has the next highest profile at 39% with an opinion about him, followed by fellow Democrat Bill Luckett and Republican Dave Dennis at 35%, and Republican Hudson Holliday at 31%. It’s conceivable that one of these folks could catch fire as their profile increases and they become better known but there’s nothing to suggest that will happen based on their current numbers- each has at least 9% more voters with an unfavorable opinion of them than a positive one.

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