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Calling plays is what Steve Spurrier...

Calling plays is what Steve Spurrier does

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 28, 2010

Calling plays is what Steve Spurrier does

The play-calling duties for Steve Spurrier the last few years have been like a hot potato. He keeps trying to pass them off, which is mind-boggling when you stop and think how brilliant the Head Ball Coach has been at calling plays during his Hall of Fame career. Eric Clapton plays the guitar. Steven Spielberg directs films, and Steve Spurrier calls ball plays.

I understand the “community” concept and that Mangus and offensive line coach/running game coordinator Shawn Elliott may have a better feel for the zone-read part of the Gamecocks’ offense. None of that changes the fact, though, that I want the Head Ball Coach as my trigger man.

Spurrier spent as much time on the defensive side of the field last week in practice as he ever has at South Carolina. He was worried about his pass defense, and rightfully so. He won’t stray too far from the Gamecocks’ punt return team this week in practice. They’re ranked 112th nationally.

All this branching out that Spurrier is doing is well and good. There’s nothing wrong with being hands-on as a head coach. He’s the one who’s ultimately responsible.
Delegating is fine as long as you have the most qualified people in the right spots, and there’s nobody more qualified to call plays at South Carolina than Spurrier.

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