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MIM – Desperate Childers attacks...

MIM – Desperate Childers attacks Nunnelee on more bogus allegations

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 29, 2010

MIM – Desperate Childers attacks Nunnelee on more bogus allegations

So what has Nunnelee himself actually said about Social Security? As we have documented, he told the Jackson Free Press he opposed privatization back in June and reiterated that over the past few weeks. We know this is the most reliable strategy for Democrats this year, but is Childers really resorting to making things up?

And finally, many people would say it’s pretty interesting that Childers- a man that refused to have public town halls during the height of the healthcare debate- is now calling Nunnelee out about some debate. Also of note, debates are in the works including one at Ole Miss.

I don’t know what else to say other than that the Childers camp is in desperation mode. They are acting like challenges and the underdogs in the race. The question is: what issue does Childers try next time because nothing is apparently working.

To Nunnelee’s credit, he has answered the questions he has had to but has stayed on message the entire time.

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