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By: Magnolia Tribune - April 28, 2010 – GOP House hopefuls debate

COLUMBUS – Seven questions, 21 answers, one hour more or less, and three Republican candidates made their cases for why one of them should be north Mississippi’s next member of Congress.

Mississippi School for Math and Science hosted the event attended by some 300 people in Rent Auditorium on the Mississippi University for Women campus.

GOP hopefuls Angela McGlowan, Alan Nunnelee and Henry Ross took their turns at the podiums with each intent upon unseating incumbent Rep. Travis Childers, D-Booneville, in November.

But first, one of them must emerge as the party nominee. The election is June 1.

Marissa Martini, president of the MSMS Young Republicans, was moderator and asked the questions.

In brief opening remarks, McGlowan of Oxford, a former Fox News commentator, said both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for taking America into economic and social deep waters. She promised to “stop run-amock government,” if elected.


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