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Barbour to Gingrich – Democrats...

Barbour to Gingrich – Democrats in more trouble than in 1994

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 14, 2010

Barbour to Gingrich – Democrats in more trouble than in 1994

Before the dinner, Gingrich, a potential presidential candidate in 2012, answered questions from the media:

Q: How does the current political environment compare with the 1994 GOP landslide?

[Mississippi] Gov. Haley Barbour, who was the Republican National chairman in 1994, wrote me last week and said he thought the environment was harder for the Democrats this year, that they were in more trouble than they were back in 1994. He thought there was a real chance the House could go Republican this year, and there would be a very large pick up in governorships.

That sort of fits my thinking. When you see a race in Massachusetts that is virtually too close to call now … this is Ted Kennedy’s seat. … You see the results in New Jersey and Virginia for governor …. It certainly looks like this could be a very, very good year for the American people to send a signal that they don’t want higher taxes, more deficits and high spending.

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