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Taylor still pushing for insurance for...

Taylor still pushing for insurance for wind damage

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 18, 2009

Taylor still pushing for insurance for wind damage

During a speech at the IP Casino in Biloxi, Taylor showed pictures of some constituents’ homes before Hurricane Katrina and demolished structures left by the storm.

“This guy used to be down the street from my house,” he said, pointing to a picture of a large home destroyed in the storm. “The guy thought he built a hurricane-proof house, had $650,000 in insurance. Two years after the storm, he’d been paid nothing on his insurance policy.”

Taylor wants coastal residents to be able to get wind coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program. The speech, which preceded the National Governors Association meeting in Biloxi this weekend, was attended by at least three insurance commissioners from coastal states and numerous representatives from the insurance industry.

As in previous presentations, some in the audience vocally disagreed with Taylor’s views, calling his claims “absurd” and his plans “crazy.”


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