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AGNEW – McNair: Good man, bad...

AGNEW – McNair: Good man, bad mistake

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 12, 2009

McNair: Good man, bad mistake

I marveled at the athletic prowess of this gifted athlete and watched with amazement how he made difficult plays look easy. I knew I was watching greatness that day, the kind that transcends any sport. It could have been tennis and Steve McNair would have mastered it.

Now, I struggle to remember the great athlete. Instead, the freshness of his violent death at the hands of a deranged mistress has overshadowed the joy he brought us on the field and the admiration we had for him off of it. For reasons we may never know, Sahel Kazemi used a 9mm handgun to pump four bullets into him as slept on a couch. There are professional athletes who go to great lengths to distance themselves from the public.

Ronnie Agnew
Clarion Ledger

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