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Dillard proves Big-time comes in small...

Dillard proves Big-time comes in small packages

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 12, 2009

Dillard proves Big-time comes in small packages

A week ago, fans pored over their college football team’s signing class and found comfort, if not euphoria, in those names with four and five stars affixed to them.

That’s understandable. With highly ranked prospects often come highly ranked teams.
But don’t overlook those two-star prospects, either. In two or three years, fans might be poring over names on All-America teams and wondering how their school let that player get away.

A perfect example is Jarett Dillard, a sticky-fingered receiver who could catch anything except the attention of big-time college programs. Five years ago, he entered Rice as a two-star recruit. He left as a two-time All-America honoree and holder of the Football Bowl Subdivision (i.e., Division I-A) record for career touchdown receptions.

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