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College Football’s Highest-Paid...

College Football’s Highest-Paid Losers

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 12, 2008

College Football’s Highest-Paid Losers

When the Florida Atlantic Owls marched into Austin, Texas, on August 30, they likely didn’t have any expectation of beating the mighty Texas Longhorns, one of college football’s best teams.
They did, however, expect to get paid.
By delivering its team as a so-called sacrificial offering to Texas’ chances at an undefeated season, Florida Atlantic was paid $900,000, a figure it will receive again for playing the Longhorns in 2010.
In Depth: College Football’s Highest-Paid Losers
But that’s a pittance compared to what pushovers in major conferences take home for seasons that net one or two. Such big paychecks come courtesy of revenue sharing and the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), which sends the biggest paychecks to the equity conferences: the ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-10, Big East and SEC.

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