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YP – New filings in Qui Tam...

YP – New filings in Qui Tam – Wyatt depo implicates Trailer Lawyers as part of SKG Meetings

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 18, 2008

Today, State Farm filed a response objecting to the Trailer Lawyers objection (basically).

From the Derek Wyatt deposition . . .

Q. Who was there at that meeting?
17 A. That was a meeting of the Scruggs Katrina
18 Group lawyers.
19 MR. SHAPLEY: You can tell them who was
20 there. I have no objections.
21 A. As I recall, this is based on recollection,
22 Dick Scruggs was there, Chip Robertson was there,

23 Jim — I hope he’ll forgive me for this fill, it’s
24 either Frickleberg or Frisklestein, I’m sorry, but I
25 don’t remember exactly his name, a very nice man, good
1 lawyer, I think Don Barrett was there, probably Meg
2 McAlister was there and that’s what I recall. There
3 may have been some other SKG counsel who were there,
4 also.
6 Q. Was Chip and Jim, the fellows from Jefferson
7 City, were they members of the Scruggs Katrina Group?
8 A. Not as I understood it, no.
9 Q. Why were they attending an SKG meeting?
10 A. Well —
11 MR. SHAPLEY: If it was a strategy meeting to
12 discuss strategy, you can tell them that, but it —
13 I’m not going to let you talk about what the strategy
14 was. I don’t know why they were there, if they were.
15 A. It was about strategy, it was.
17 Q. And I’m not, at this point, asking you for
18 any details of what that strategy was, but I want to
19 understand your answer. Strategy with regard to what?
20 A. Hurricane Katrina cases.
21 Q. Any notes made during that meeting?
22 A. I have no idea.
23 Q. Did you see anybody taking any notes?
24 A. I don’t have any recollection of seeing
25 someone taking notes.

This is interesting because the party line has been that the Trailer Lawyers had no coordination with SKG. This would seem to indicate they did.

There were a couple of other interesting filings in the case.

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