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Ron Polk behaves like a poor sport

Ron Polk behaves like a poor sport

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 10, 2008

Ron Polk behaves like a poor sport

Ron Polk has been worshiped at Mississippi State University, where in 29 seasons as the head baseball coach he led the school to eight College World Series appearances.
It is unfathomable, therefore, why he would explode — and tarnish the respect he had earned in Starkville — because the retired coach didn’t get his way on annointing a successor.

Polk’s temper tantrum after learning that John Cohen had gotten the job instead of Polk’s longtime assistant Tommy Raffo was mean-spirited and undignified. He vowed to have his name removed from the stadium and to take Mississippi State athletics out of his will. He said he would make it his mission to sabotage the school’s new athletic director, Greg Byrne, for not bowing to Polk’s wishes.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make his life miserable,” said Polk.

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