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FOLO – An Oedipal moment here?

FOLO – An Oedipal moment here?

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 4, 2008

An Oedipal moment here?

I thought the rearranging of the Scruggs sentencing was a big nothing. If you want it on your social calendar, you need the dates, but otherwise, not so big a deal. But then, it turns out that papa Scruggs has a lawyer with a conflict, and, to move the sentencing, everyone has to agree to waive (five days of) a thirry-five day period. Pretty simple. Backstrom and his lawyer say “fine by me.’ Zach?

Nope. Dad and his lawyer’s scheduling issues aren’t Zach’s problem. He’s waiving nothing. So– here’s an order from Judge Biggers, accomodating Dickie’s lawyer’s scheduling issue, and moving that and Sid Backstrom’s sentencing to June 27th, and, because Zach and his lawyers aren’t waiving anything at all, they’ll be on there own (or on their own with whatever else might be on the docket) on July 2nd.


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