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Deuce takes some reps out on practice...

Deuce takes some reps out on practice field

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 2, 2008

Deuce takes some reps out on practice field

METAIRIE, La. –A few of the usual kick returners like running back Pierre Thomas, wide receiver Terrance Copper and rookie cornerback Tracy Porter fielded some pop-fly kicks from Taylor Mehlhaff after Friday afternoon’s minicamp practice.

Then there was one familiar face in an unfamiliar position – veteran tailback Deuce McAllister rumbling toward a football booted off a tee.

McAllister won’t be doing any kick returning in a game. It’s just one more way for him to rehab his surgically repaired knees. The 29-year-old back felt like he would be able to take part in this weekend’s minicamp, and to a limited extent, he is on the field.
“He probably went 30 percent, 20 percent,” coach Sean Payton said. “Selectively on certain reps. He had his recheck last week in Birmingham. We are just bringing him along with a few other guys the same way. He took some but not a lot of reps.”
Returning for minicamp may have been a certain benchmark for McAllister to get back to practice. Payton said he wouldn’t want to push him back just so the tailback would return for the weekend with OTAs to resume shortly after minicamp.

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