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Rage-inducing college football...

Rage-inducing college football predictions

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 31, 2008

Rage-inducing college football predictions

worse than you think. The Heisman will be won by you know who, and the SEC West will be won on the basis of who plays where. And I have it on good authority that Georgia will again field a team.

Yes, it’s time for our annual long-range look at college football, designed to edify but more apt to enrage. Read on if you care to get as mad as Bama fans are over Tommy Tuberville’s latest hand salute to the Tide.

• Alabama will beat Clemson on Aug. 30 in the Georgia Dome. I’m not as high on the Tide as a year ago — I did, I’ll admit, get carried away on the zephyrs of Sabanmania — but I’m never high on the Tigers. And if Clemson is considered the class of the ACC, it tells us the expanded ACC has failed to evolve into the colossus many foresaw. (Fun fact: Since the league grew to 12 teams, the ACC champ is 0-3 in the Orange Bowl.)

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