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CL EDITORIAL – CL Gives Lott...

CL EDITORIAL – CL Gives Lott Grief over PAC

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 24, 2008

PAC man: Personal influence now Lott’s agenda

Now comes word that Lott is converting $1.2 million left in the Senate campaign fund into a political action committee that will help solidify his influence on Capitol Hill in his new career as a lobbyist.

A former Lott staff member said the move came so Lott could increase the amount of money he gives to candidates. Individuals and individual campaign committees may contribute no more than $2,300 to a federal candidate each election. But the PAC limit is $5,000.

What Lott is doing is legal, but rather unseemly.

Common Cause lobbyist Sarah Dufendach said the practice of turning personal campaign funds into PACs is “legal, but weird.”

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