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DJ – EDITORIAL:Sanctuary stand

DJ – EDITORIAL:Sanctuary stand

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 21, 2008

EDITORIAL:Sanctuary stand

If the case against the Sanctuary staffers goes to trial, it will have to rely on information gathered by two investigators fired for misconduct. Whatever that misconduct was – reportedly, it was encouraging the complaining family members to talk to the Associated Press – it brings into question the validity of what their work produced, especially in view of the reports of other family members about their interviews.

Hood may well still believe that he has a legitimate case against a doctor and nurse whom hundreds of Northeast Mississippians know and respect as consummate professionals and caring human beings. If so, he can in good conscience proceed.

But if, as seems likely, the charges are flimsy or completely baseless, he can extricate himself and Sanctuary Hospice House from this mess by backing off prosecution. That won’t undo the damage already done, but it would prevent the compounding of an injustice.

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