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Legislature ’08: Much work...

Legislature ’08: Much work remains

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 7, 2008

The Clarion-Ledger Editorial, 4/6/8

The 2008 legislative session has seen “progress” on feel-good legislation to snooker voters into thinking they’ve actually done something that will have any miniscule impact on the flow of illegal immigration.

There has also been “progress” on that crucial issue of how best to put corn on the ground so that brave hunters can shoot deer over bait.

Lawmakers have even taken a position to continue to outlaw the practice of “hog-dog” fighting – in which some geniuses decided that it was sporting to loose trained dogs on trapped wild pigs and let them fight it out, often after the hogs have had their tusks removed.

Mississippi made national headlines briefly when a few of our esteemed lawmakers pulled the stunt of trying to make it illegal to serve obese people in restaurants.

If that sounds sarcastic, it is. It’s unfair in the extreme to focus on these examples of less-than-relevant or politically preening legislation as the sum total of the 2008 Legislature’s work.

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