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FOLO – Part 5: Balducci,...

FOLO – Part 5: Balducci, Patterson, Lackey, 10/18-10/31

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 18, 2008

Part 5: Balducci, Patterson, Lackey, 10/18-10/31

Not by coincidence, at this point, the defense finds the transcript less, um, useful to make their points, and I’m having to depend on other sources for an account. Unless noted, the descriptions below are from the summaries in various applications for wiretaps or search warrants.

At this point, Balducci has paid half of a $20,000 cash bribe. The government has a virtual recording studio in Judge Lackey’s office and a wiretap on Balducci’s cell phone. On October 16th, the government applied for and got authority to wiretap Steve Patterson’s cell phone.


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