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FOLO – Reports from the State...

FOLO – Reports from the State Farm v. Hood hearing

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 7, 2008

Reports from the State Farm v. Hood hearing

Jane, in comments, may have made my State Farm v. Hood round up somewhat irrelevant– she’s saying they’ve settled, and I’ve been told that local news says we will hear tomorrow. I’m trying to find out but meanwhile here’s a round up of what happened today. One thing that is sure to me: State Farm doesn’t trust Hood, and if there’s a deal, they have locked this down in a way that they know that this time it’s over.
There’s one very strange aspect of this deal, if there is one. We have heard not one hint about what happened in the Dickie Scruggs deposition. That’s pretty unusual in this context– there are too many people who are too curious. I’ve not even heard a rumor about how long it lasted. And some sort of deal seems to have been cut. Will we ever hear what happened in Scruggs’s deposition? If not, why would anyone make a part of this deal protecting Scruggs? Having asked that, here’s some reports about today.


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