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Who packs bigger punch matters

Who packs bigger punch matters

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 8, 2007

Who packs bigger punch matters

Barbour’s campaign would not comment. However, the governor has said he’s ready to raise $13 million. Both men are expected to win their respective Aug. 7 primary.

Most of Eaves’ money has come from his own pocket.

“I am going to put everything I have in this race, my entire savings,” he said.

The amount of money needed to seek office, however, does deter others from trying, said Eaves, citing his success as an attorney as helpful to his bid.

He will not take money from insurance, tobacco, oil or casino corporations but will ask friends for help. “We’re going to pass the plate if you will,” he said.

Eaves, likely to move on to the general gubernatorial election, could profit from his campaign regardless of outcome, Wiseman said, predicting a solid run would set him up for a future win.

“When the specter of Haley Barbour disappears from the Republican horizon, the party will fragment and several candidates will run,” he said. “If John Arthur Eaves doesn’t do anything in this race that will be a negative on his name recognition, he will be viable down the road somewhere.”

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