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Charlie Ross’ Campaign Email to...

Charlie Ross’ Campaign Email to Coast re: Gambling

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 19, 2007

Subject: Charlie Ross Campaign


We have been promoting the fact that Charlie Ross is a friend of the
gulf coast as a primary theme for the campaign in this area. The
staff and Charlie, along with some of our supporters down here have
also known that Phil Bryant is the exact opposite, that being NOT friend of the Coast.
That is a fact that we believe is true in more ways than one, but one
very big one is gaming and the jobs and economic benefits it produces
for our area. I personally feel that if it had not been for the
gaming industry that we would be much further behind in recovery from Katrina.

That being said, Phil Bryant has up to this point always dodged the
question regarding his stance on gaming. Yesterday, at the debates
here on the coast a newspaper reporter asked Charlie his position on
gaming. Charlie responded with the same response he has always given,
that he was very out front in passing the bill that allowed gaming
interest to move ashore after the storm and get back in operation.
Charlie commented that his republican opponent had heretofore dodged
that question, and hopefully he will answer now. Phil Bryant

“Gaming is immoral, immoral, immoral, and if I had been in the Senate
I would have voted against it.”

I will qualify that I was not there and this quote was given to me by
someone that was, so the wording might not be exact, but I am told
this is what he stated.

I would say that gives Charlie a strong leg up on Bryant, now that he
has admitted he is against the economic engine that drives our community.

I want to remind you of the organizational meeting on Wednesday, June
28 at 4PM. Please bring anyone that wants to be involved in Charlie’s campaign.

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