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HAMPTON – Melton madness

HAMPTON – Melton madness

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 10, 2007

Melton madness

I’ve been trying not to write about Mayor Frank Melton lately, but it is just impossible. The thoughts that he might try to behave after he dodged the bullet in court last month were wishful thinking.
The City Council Monday refused to confirm his pick for the director of the Parks and Recreation Department. Politics aside, and there is a lot of politics at play, there are serious questions about the mayor’s choice, Charles Melvin. Melton basically ran off one of the top parks officials in the state to choose Melvin, who he worked with at the Bureau of Narcotics. It’s easy to see the problem here. The council was correct to do what it did in the interest of the city.
Melton defiantly says Melvin will continue to run the department and attacked the council members who opposed him. He sayd he will not submit others for confirmation, which would appear to be illegal besides being immature. It is now up to the council to force action on this, as in not approving claims, if necessary. It shouldn’t come to this, but it has. The council also should prepare to go to court to affirm its duties under law to confirm department heads.
Melton has a lot of supporters, still, but they are dwindling as people see he simply is not doing the job. It’s such a waste of political talent.

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