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GOP – The incredible, shrinking...

GOP – The incredible, shrinking Mississippi Democratic Party

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 22, 2007

The incredible, shrinking Mississippi Democratic Party

What does it take to be a genuine Democrat in Mississippi? Consider this. Longtime Insurance Commissioner George Dale was not certified Saturday by the Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Committee because he supported President George W. Bush over liberal Democratic nominee John Kerry.

Unbelievable. The Mississippi Democratic Party says good-riddance to its longest serving elected official because he refused to support the pro-abortion, anti-gun, anti-family liberal agenda of John Kerry of Massachusetts.

“The Mississippi Democratic Party has become captive to a radical fringe,” said Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Jim Herring. “If you’re not a card-carrying member of the far left, Mississippi Democrats don’t want you.”

Dale wasn’t the only longtime Democrat the Mississippi Democratic Party voted not to certify Saturday. Representative Mary Ann Stevens has served her district in the House since 1981. She was removed from the ballot for not supporting the tax and spend, anti-tort reform, anti-voter ID liberal agenda of Speaker Billy McCoy.

In an attempt to “purify” their party, Democrats cited questionable party loyalty as their reason for not certifying Insurance Commissioner George Dale and Representative Mary Ann Stevens.

Seems these days if you’re not in line with liberals like Bennie Thompson and Hillary Clinton, you need not apply to be a Democratic candidate.

The Mississippi Republican Party has other ideas about different views in the same party. “President Ronald Reagan used to say ‘My eighty percent ally is not my twenty percent enemy,'” said Herring. “Our views represent mainstream Mississippians, and our doors are wide open.”

Mississippi Republican Party Press Release

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