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Frontman supporting Dewayne Thomas hits...

Frontman supporting Dewayne Thomas hits the gutter – and keeps digging

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 18, 2006

Politicos in North Jackson are abuzz about a postcard ostensibly sent out by Hernander McAdory, a concerned citizen and grandfather, living in Jackson. In a postcard that was paid to be distributed at North Jackson churches (including the one that Mr. Bell is a member and regularly attends) on Sunday and mailed to several hundred NE Jackson mailboxes, McAdory asserts that William Bell’s representation of his son-in-law as his divorce lawyer should disqualify him from office.

In a conversation with Mr. McAdory on Friday, he said his daughter and son-in-law were divorced in 1997 in the Delta after 16 years of marraige resulting in 6 children. After a bitter divorce fight over several million dollars, allegations of molestation by the mother came out several years after the divorce. Mr. McAdory alleges that Mr. Bell should not represent his son-in-law (even though he is not doing so in a criminal capacity) because he should have known about the behavior and thus is unqualified to be Chancery Court Judge in Hinds County. There was no mention of any allegations of molestation in the divorce case or subsequent custody agreement. The son-in-law, according to Mr. McAdory, had never had any prior criminal problems nor had there been any indiciation of this sort of behavior in the past.

Mr. McAdory is 4th cousin to Former Hinds County Sheriff JD McAdory. Current Sheriff Malcolm McMillan has been featured on Dewayne Thomas radio spots running throughout Central Mississippi.

Mr. McAdory said in an interview that “they” asked him to do this and he gave “them” permission to distribute this postcard, but when pressed, declined to identify who “them” was.

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