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Melton must think before he speaks

Melton must think before he speaks

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 26, 2005

Melton must think before he speaks

While we applaud the energetic efforts of Mayor Melton, we pause to caution him to think before he speaks. His off the cuff media appealing remarks create unnecessary chaos.

Earlier this week Melton said he would issue an executive order to evaluate, close down and tear down a local apartment complex. While the complex is a haven to crime, and is in need of repairs and security officers, it is not up to Melton alone, to decide when an apartment complex can or should close.

There is a process to be followed and Melton should brief himself on city rules and regulations before he opens his mouth. This would eliminate having to apologize at a later date, and it would ease the fears of the people that live in the places he wants to condemn.

During his first week in office, Melton also made the bold declaration of closing a local nightclub, that closure didn’t happen because there is a procedure that must be followed.

We urge the mayor to use his feisty energy to review the legal process before the tables are turned and city hall is shut down by outrageous lawsuits.

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July 26, 2005