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Jackson Mayor Alleges Illegal Activity...

Jackson Mayor Alleges Illegal Activity In Municipal Court Services

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 26, 2005

Jackson Mayor Alleges Illegal Activity In Municipal Court Services

Jackson Mayor Frank Melton is alleging corruption in the municipal court system that he says will end with his new appointments.

Mayor Melton says he knows personally of suspects paying to have records and warrants erased at Municipal Court Services. He says a system of case files and documents are in need of being converted to an electronic process. Sitting Judge Dr. Gayle Lowery has been appointed to Deputy Director of Court Administration to oversee the court’s cleanup. Mayor Melton is also requesting city judges set a half million dollar bond for anyone using weapons to harm another person. “There are others over there who are allegedly doing the same thing now, and I am going to give Dr. Lowery a chance to go over and access the court. We’re also gonna have a comprehensive audit done of court services.”

Mayor Melton also says the city’s prisoner holding facility is a danger to inmates. It is without air conditioning and has electrical wires exposed. He is in the process of finding another 150 bed facility.


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July 26, 2005

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