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J.P.D. Officer Revives Drowned Child

J.P.D. Officer Revives Drowned Child

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 13, 2005

J.P.D. Officer Revives Drowned Child

A Jackson police officer is being called a hero after reviving a baby who was under water for several minutes.

Officer Anthony Reginald was in the right place at the right time.

It happened at The Carrington Town Homes, formerly the North Colony Apartments.

Around 6:15 Monday night, patrolman Anthony Reginald was riding down Beasley Road when he heard screams coming from people gathered in the street around the pool at Carrington Town Homes.

Officer Reginald said, “The baby was underneath the water. I reached in there and I grabbed the baby and I pulled the baby out of the pool. I noticed that the baby was unconscious.”

The five year officer pulled one-year-old Dayveon Beal from the pool after the child had walked to the pool area with a group of children.

His mother, Bacita Beal, and other family members were on their way to the pool when she could not find him.

Reginald said, “By the time they got into the entrance of the pool, they didn’t notice that the baby was already inside the pool, and as they came around they started asking where is the baby and at that time somebody noticed that the baby was at the bottom of the pool.”

Officer Reginald administered C.P.R. for about two minutes before the child began breathing again.

The 30-year-old officer is used to tense situations.

Two years ago he was stationed in Cuba. He is a member of the 114th M.P. Unit in Clinton.

The patrolman said, “We had to guard the detainees there (Cuba) for six months. So I did six months of work at the prison there at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.”

Reginald credits someone in the pool with helping bring the child to the surface so that he could help revive him.

He said, “To do C.P.R. on a child and to actually see that the child was revived, it just takes a lot of relief out of you. It makes you just want to go home and just relax and just thank God that you were either there in the right place or somebody else was there looking out for you.”

Officer Reginald also coaches football at Callaway High School, a passion that is a source of pride for him.


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