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Overcoming crime, blight stressed

Overcoming crime, blight stressed

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 3, 2005

Overcoming crime, blight stressed

Standing across from a burned-out Maple Street apartment complex in Georgetown, Anthony Terrell said the solution is obvious.

“Just look around and you can see what needs doing. Remodel these places; don’t knock them down. More people will move in and that will help business,” said Terrell, a landscaper who lives in the Westwood Apartments on Robinson Road.

Terrell said Frank Melton, as Jackson’s new mayor, will have to tackle the dilapidation of the inner city and west Jackson.

Georgetown resident Jeffrey Howard said his neighborhood could deal with a healthy volunteer core. Melton, who has promised to keep elder care high on his list, could organize such a venture to cut lawns and do odd jobs for the housebound.

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