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Jackson, Byram Negotiating Settlement

Jackson, Byram Negotiating Settlement

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 16, 2005

Jackson, Byram Negotiating Settlement

It’s been more than a decade, with over one million dollars spent in the legal battle, but the City of Jackson and Byram may be close to a settlement.

Negotiations are underway to give Byram its incorporation, while allowing the capitol city room for growth.

In a matter of days attorneys for the City of Jackson and Byram could hash out an agreement that would end the legal wranglings.

Byram attorney Dale Danks said, “It’s a question of how much each side is willing to give.”

In Hinds County Chancery Court Monday Jackson attorney Jim Carroll and Byram attorney Dale Danks asked the judge for a one week continuance to work out details for a settlement.


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