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Citizens have a right to criticize...

Citizens have a right to criticize capital – CL LTE

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 24, 2005

Citizens have a right to criticize capital

In response to letters saying people not from Jackson need to butt out, let me remind them that the bad decisions made by people in Jackson affect the entire state.

Jackson is the capital, remember? Furthermore, many of us were raised in Jackson and would like to live there again.

The main problem is the divisiveness evidenced by the government of the “Bold New City” tends to make the rest of us ill! Link that with a city government that is more concerned with the King Edward Hotel instead of the safety of the citizens and visitors.

My family left Jackson because of the rising crime and tax rate, along with the general decline in quality of life in Jackson.

In sum, the problems of Jackson affect all of us, either by the black eye it gives the state or the fact the rest of us will have to fork over hard earned dollars to bail out our capital when the likes of Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth I. Stokes wants to throw good money after bad.

If you don’t like the rest of the state complaining about Jackson, maybe you need to leave the state.

Mike Walker

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