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State Rep. Jarvis Dortch (D) throws...

State Rep. Jarvis Dortch (D) throws temper tantrum, kicks in Capitol door, pays up

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 1, 2016

Democrat state Rep. Jarvis Dortch apparently has a tough time keeping his cool and has a tendency to get a little physical when his blood pressure rises.

Around the time the House changed the rules on points of personal privilege after the Democratic Caucus started having bills read over their disagreements with House leadership, Y’all Politics has learned that Rep. Dortch kicked in the bottom of a mahogany restroom door at the Capitol.

Sources tell Y’all Politics that the door is possibly as old as the Capitol and very pricey, likely in the thousands of dollars.

Yet there’s not been a peep of reporting on Rep. Dortch’s antics, which is apparently well known around the Capitol.

You would think a state representative destroying taxpayer property at the Capitol would have made statewide news, but hey, the Clarion Ledger is a little preoccupied these days trying to make you believe House members are getting a sweetheart deal at a Godforsaken downtown Jackson parking lot no one in their right mind would be caught dead in (and may soon be) after dark.

House leadership should send Rep. Dortch the bill for the repairs and formally reprimand him for such a childish display of a lack of self control.

UPDATE: Rep. Dortch has presented a check for over $2,000 to the House Management Committee for the repairs to the door. The House committee met Thursday, March 31 to discuss the matter. Speaker ProTem Rep. Greg Snowden says he’s glad taxpayers didn’t have to foot the bill for the damages.

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