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US Census data tells a different...

US Census data tells a different Mississippi education funding story than you might think

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 15, 2015

Taken from state Rep. Greg Snowden’s Facebook post:

U.S. Census data.

When the 51 states (including D.C.) are ranked for public school financing in relation to $1,000 personal income for that state (i.e., ranking a state in relation to it’s real financing capacity taking into account per capita income of that state’s citizens), Mississippi’s rankings are enlightening:

22nd for overall revenue contributed to K-12 (no. 20 for state contribution and no. 34 for local contribution);

19th in overall spending (29th on instruction, 22nd for salaries, 11th for school administration, and 7th for general administration).

This is official U.S. Census data for FY 2013. (And Mississippi has increased its overall support for K-12 by almost $300 Million since FY 2013).

Mississippi indeed is a poor state, but to say your Legislature has turned it’s back on K-12 education is just flat wrong.

Here is a link to the entire report.

The table below is Table 12.

US Census data - MS education spending photo image_zpstui7gypt.jpeg

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