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Record number of Republicans file to...

Record number of Republicans file to run for election in Union County

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 25, 2015

Has Union Become a Two-Party County?

A record number of candidates in 2015’s Union County elections have filed to run as Republicans.

Seventeen of the 54 candidates (over 30 percent ) seeking Union County offices this year are flying the GOP flag. However, it is hard to find a single candidate, Democrat or Republican, who is flying either party’s banner very high or with any pride. Seven of this year’s 17 Republican candidates addressed the Union County Republican Executive Committee Thursday night, March 19, but only one declared himself a devoted Republican. Most made it a point to say there were “some things” (but none specified) they did not like about the National Republican Party.

The national Democratic party fares no better. Most Democratic candidates for local offices in Mississippi are quick to deny any admiration for President Barak Obama and to disavow any loyalty to the perceived principles of the national Democratic party. Many candidly admit they run as Democrats only because Mississippians still tend to vote for Democrats in local elections, a practice apparently driven more by habit than belief.


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