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CRAWFORD: Gov. Bryant could call...

CRAWFORD: Gov. Bryant could call special session on tax cuts and offer a compromise

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 24, 2015

BILL CRAWFORD: Surely Republicans will pass some tax cut

If Republicans’ main goal was to gain political advantage over Democrats in this year’s elections by forcing them to oppose tax cuts, they have succeeded.

However, if Republicans’ main goal was to show they can govern conservatively and pass tax cuts, they have failed. There is little doubt that some mix of business and individual tax cuts could pass both chambers.

So, if and when the House allows the Senate compromise to officially die, it will be time for Gov. Phil Bryant to call a special session in the midst of the regular session (he can do this) to pass a tax cut. As the only GOP leader to have exhibited prudence and restraint on the issue, he is well positioned to forge a compromise the Legislature will pass and the state can afford.

Surely, Republicans know they need to pass some sort of tax cut.


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