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Rep. John Mayo adds to chorus of...

Rep. John Mayo adds to chorus of Democrats discouraging Speaker Billy McCoy to run again

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 31, 2010

Decision 2012

For most of us deciding to run for re election is fairly easy and clear. For one, that process is far more complicated and personal.

Speaker Billy McCoy faces that decision now. A long time career in the House marked by major accomplishments and a rise to one of the two most powerful positions in the Legislature must determine to retire at the top of his game or go for one more try.

The GOP is smelling blood. They came very close last time in Rep. Jeff Smith, (D). This year the word is they will go with one of their own and if they bring back the numbers they had last time along with the Democrats that voted with them, and then either win one more seat or turn another Democrat, they will take the Speaker’s post.

Speaker McCoy must be and is going through an agonizing process. We politicians do not like to give up the posts we have, albeit temporarily. He would no doubt get re elected from his district, but the major questions are, “Will he be Speaker again?” and “Would he be satisfied just being one of the members?”

While I am nowhere near the “inner circle”, those of us who are or who have supported him (and I have) these last eight years are obligated to let him know where we honestly stand.

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